Q: How many residences will there be?
A: A total of ten residences are part of the Resource Consent granted for the development

Q: How many bedrooms are there?
A: Eight residences have 3 bedrooms, two have 2, one of which has its own mezzanine which can also be used as a bedroom

Q: How many have mezzanines?
A: Two of the 3 bedroom residences also have generously sized mezzanines

Q: How many carparks are provided with each residence?
A: There are two carparks per residence, all in their own enclosed garage space

Q: Where are the carparks located?
A: In secure underground area.

Q: Do the garages have direct internal access to their residences?
A: Of the 18 parks provided in the underground garage (Residence 9 has its own garages within that residence), 13 of these parks have direct internal access, and only five do not have direct internal access, but you will not have to leave the secure garage when moving from the parks to the residences.

Q: How many residences have their own lift?
A: Residences 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8 have their own personal lifts which serve the three levels in these residences

Q: How large are the residences
A: Most are approximately 300.00 square metres including garage and decks. Residence 10 is the refurbished existing house on the site, and is approximately 214 square metres including the garage.

Q: Which residences have uninterrupted views of the inner harbour?
A: Residences 1 – 5 inclusive have these views

Q: What type of title will there be?
A: Stratum in freehold

Q: Is there a Body Corporate?
A: Yes. Those participating in this will be units 1 – 8 inclusive, residence 10 and the café delicatessen located on the ground level of the existing Tavern building. Residence 9 is on a separate title and will have limited responsibility for shared costs. These will be confined to costs associated with the site accessway.

Q: What are the Body Corporate charges?
A: Currently these are estimated at $4,130.00 per annum.

Q: What is included in the Body Corporate fees?
A: These include maintenance of all common areas (garage, accessway and central landscaped courtyard), and energy costs for common equipment e.g. garage entry roller door, traffic signals, garage lighting and ventilation, garage pumps, centralised television receiver, and courtyard and special street lighting if provided. Rubbish removal costs (our intention is for a contractor to remove rubbish from the garage rather than a row of bins etc on the street), insurance cover and valuation for same, administration, legal, audit and bank charges.

Q: What is excluded from Body Corporate charges?
A: Rates will be assessed by Council and charged directly to each owner, as will energy and individual water costs.

Q: What are the buildings constructed of?
A: For information on this, refer to the separate Outline Specification provided on the project website.

Q: Where do I find information on the residence fit outs, fixtures, fittings and appliances?
A: This information is also provided as a separate schedule on the project website.

Q: Who is the owner?
A: The owner Redback Develop Ltd, is the development vehicle for the parties who have owned this site for the past 20 years.

Q: What maintenance period will there be after completion?
A: There will be a maintenance period of 12 months. The Vendors will rectify and make good at its cost during or within a reasonable time from expiry of such Maintenance Period any defects or other faults in the Property due to faulty materials or faulty workmanship notified by the Purchaser or its agent in writing to the Vendor prior to expiry of such Maintenance Period.

Q: When will the development be completed?
A: Dates will be confirmed following discussion with successful contractor for major construction works

Q: How do I go about purchasing one of the residences?
A: After selecting the residence of your choice, you will pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price, which will be held in the Stafford Klassen Solicitors Trust account until settlement, and the net interest earned on this will be used as part of the final settlement amount. No one will have access to these monies until the date of settlement.