There are a variety of construction methods required in developing the 10 residences. This results from part of the development involving restoration work of an existing aged building in which three residences will be located, while another residence involves the relocation and restoration of an existing stand-alone building on the site. The four restored residences will be refurbished to provide superior residential accommodation.

The remaining six residences will be new construction throughout.

The outline specification below is indicative of the general construction methods and materials to be used in this project, and are subject to change as the residences are developed in detail. The outline specification will be confirmed prior to any sale and purchase agreement.

Building structure

  • The main structural intertenancy walls will precast concrete walls. Floors being either Stahlton rib with reinforced concrete topping 225mm overall depth, or ply flooring supported on steel and timber structure.
  • Street facing exterior walls will be timber framed with cedar weatherboards and the courtyard facing (inner) walls will generally be superior residential section powder coated aluminium and glass.
  • All windows are double glazed for sound and thermal insulation. Commercial section aluminium will be used in cases where large windows frames are required.


  • Color Cote ZRX Longrun metal roofing (specified for marine conditions) and external gutters, rainwater heads and downpipes.
  • All internal gutters will use double layer torch-on membrane on marine ply with outlets to rainwater heads at each end wherever possible.
  • The membrane internal gutters will be turned up all precast inter tenancy walls, with a Color Cote ZRX metal cap flashing fixed to top of wall and will overlap the membrane protection on each side of the inter tenancy wall.

Timber Cladding

  • In new situations (Res 1 – 4 inclusive, 8 and 9), cedar weatherboards will be used and receive one coat of Sikkens Cetol HLS (both sides where new boards) prior to fixing and post fixing at least two coats of Sikkens Filter 7 to outside face only.
  • Where existing weatherboards are re-used, where possible, will receive the same paint treatment, however where these remain in fixed positions, the outside face only will be treated.

Decks and Patios

  • Hardwood timber flooring in ‘duck board’ format, and where there is a living space below, double layer membrane waterproofing will be laid beneath.

External balustrades

  • Residences 1 – 4 and 8, frameless glass balustrades and powder coated metal fins to KEP frontage , and cedar weatherboard timber framed to north facing decks.
  • Residences 5 – 7 to courtyard facing side of development, horizontal cedar slats, stain finished.
  • Street facing veranda to Residence 5 will be in keeping with circa 1900’s photos.
  • Residence 9 will use both horizontal timber slats to the Level 2 deck, and plastered concrete to the Level 1 deck.

Front Doors

  • To be selected hardwood timber.


  • The development will include the restoration of the protected King Edward Parade and Church Street Tavern facades to its past form as represented in photos of the Tavern taken at the turn of the last century. Much of the current façade has been the subject of additions and alterations.
  • This will include the reintroduction of the veranda on the upper floor of the Tavern building, which has long since been enclosed.
  • In addition, where authentic elements of heritage material are found in the balance of the Tavern building, restoration and/or re-use of this heritage material will be included in the final product.
  • Residence 10 – a Conservation Plan was part of the Resource Consent granted for the development. In the case of this historic building, the design brief to Jasmax Group was to balance these historic elements with modern amenities in bringing the space to life. Certain key features on the upper level will be retained and restored to include  existing interior wall linings and sarking to the ceiling. Other historic elements are also to be restored. The lower level will largely have a modern approach.


Floor, wall and ceiling finishes

  • Carpeted areas to use 52oz 100% wool plush pile extra heavy duty carpet with Sorb-a-lay or similar underlay.
  • For floor types and locations (refer Residence Plans).
  • Ceilings that follow roofline, painted timber sarking effect.
  • Elsewhere gibbed walls and ceiling paint finished.

Heating and ventilation

  • Rinnai Arriva or similar gas fire in lounge where noted on website plans.
  • Thermostatically controlled and programmable under-tile heating in all tiled bathrooms, and guest toilets.
  • Tiled entries may also have thermostatically controlled and programmable under-tile heating.
  • All bathrooms, guest toilets and laundries will have timer controlled in-line ventilation fans.

Security and communications

  • Electrical switchgear will be recent model of PDL Modena 800 range.
  • Meter reading for both individual and common amenities will be done using remote reader i.e. uses phone technology and no on-site inspection required.
  • Data/phone is star wired back to Home Distribution Panel for future flexibility.
  • WAP (Wired access points)to distribute digital/wireless signal.
  • Each bedroom has phone, television and data outlets.
  • Security system with 4 internal sensors, panic switch in master bedroom, and external alarm.
  • Locking system with intercom audio link fitted at front entry allowing remote release from within the house, from at least two locations.

Plumbing and services

  • Bathrooms have a toilet, tiled shower, timer controlled ventilation fan, single basin, chrome heated towel rail, built-in mirror storage cabinet and thermostatically controlled underfloor heating.
  • Master ensuite has toilet, tiled shower, timer controlled ventilation fan, porcelain on steel bath ,single basin, built in mirror storage cabinet, chrome heated towel rail, thermostatically controlled underfloor heating.
  • Bathrooms have toilet, tiled shower, timer controlled ventilation fan, single basin, chrome heated towel rail, mirror storage cabinet and thermostatically controlled underfloor heating.
  • Both bathroom and ensuite have tiled floors and walls to selected heights.
  • AVT Central vacuum system including garage and kitchen connections.
  • All plumbing hot and cold water pipes are Rehau with brass connections throughout.
  • High pressure electric hot water systems.
  • Benchtop hot water supply system provided.
  • Laundries will be supplied with washing machine and drier (refer Schedule of Fixtures etc) and time controlled extract ventilation system.
  • Guest toilet has tiled floor, porcelain toilet & handbasin and time controlled ventilation.
  • Lifts where included, will be 6 person min, 3 stop, with indicative dimensions of 1200mm W and 1300mm D. Entry door generally 900mm W x 2000mm H, and the car, landing doors and landing door frames are to be finished in hairline brushed stainless steel.


  • Kitchen, wardrobe and entertainment cabinetry, to be in oak veneer or similar lacquer finish.
  • Hardware to all cabinetry drawers to be Hettich.
  • Hard surface benchtops in either Quartz or granite. Benchtop adjacent to cooktops in stainless steel.
  • Kitchen Appliances, plumbing appliances, electrical, telecommunication and computer – refer Schedule for Fixtures, Fittings and Appliances on website to be updated to latest similar models.
  • Refer to website for which units will have built-in shelving in living area for purchaser’s entertainment fittings.
  • Master bedroom walk-in-wardrobe and bedroom wardrobes have built-in storage system in selected timber grain veneer or lacquer finish.


  • Generally internal access to 2-car garage, with remote controlled sectional metal garage door.
  • Insulation includes standard code requirements plus sound insulation in selected locations.
  • Skylights as shown on website elevations (refer Site Diagrams).

Project Team

  • Architect – Andy Anderson of Jasmax Group Ltd.
  • Engineer – Bob McGuigan of MSC Consulting Ltd.
  • Conservation Architect – Heike Lutz-Strulik of Bcon Ltd.
  • Geotechnical Engineers – John Power of Engineering Geology Ltd.
  • Plumbing and Drainage – Hydraulic Services Consultants Ltd.
  • Traffic Engineers – Traffic Planning Consultants Ltd.
  • Fire Engineering – Coupland Consulting Ltd.
  • Insurance Brokers – Crombie Lockwood Ltd.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Thurston Consulting Engineers.
  • Acoustics – Hegley Acoustic Consultants.
  • Surveyor – Axis Survey Consultants (Auck) Ltd.
  • Vendor – Redback Develop Ltd.
  • Solicitors – Stafford Klaasson.
  • Archaeologist – Geometria Ltd.
  • Project Management – Freymas Project Management Ltd.

Disclaimer: Plans and amenities may be subject to change. There are variations between residences. June 2013, May 2014.